Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enniv plays "Concerto for piano and your words"

Enniv Zarf (Paul Kwo in RL)
Saturday May 16

11 am SLT
Music Island

Enniv has consistently been one of the most energetic, prolific and creative voice in Second Life Music. The California-based composer has collaborated with photographers, visual artists and particle scripters to bring memorable artistic events to Music Island audiences. Now he will be collaborating with the audience!

Using the new collaborative writing tool Etherpad, audience members will be able to collaboratively write poetry viewable on big screens set up surrounding the amphitheatre on Music Island. As ideas come to individuals they will be able to add or edit the poem in process. Meanwhile, Enniv will be viewing the collaborative writing in real time and responding to the creative process with his own musical responses.

It will truly be a Concerto for piano and your words.

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