Friday, May 29, 2009

Gypsy Fire with Naftali Torok

Naftali Torok
Sunday May 31 @ 12 pm SLT (Pacific Time)
Music Island/Sea Turtle Island in Second Life,

Gypsy and European folk fiddle music played around the campfire inspired some of the greatest works of classical music and in turn the themes of classical music were embraced and interpreted by folk fiddlers of the day. Enjoy and learn about the European folk fiddle from one of today's masters of the instrument.


  1. In my humble opinion, Naftali is probably the best violin player in SL. If I'm not there ... please come and get me!

  2. We'll definitely have to have Naftali come back again as we were unfortunately plagued by sound difficulties. This was unavoidable. Naftali had a hectic schedule and our scant soundcheck time was gobbled resolving an issue that was just a loose or unplugged jack. Once that was fixed there was no time for finetuning. Her playing was great but distortion on pre-recorded accompaniments probably related to too high volume or sampling rate on the input. Next time we'll hopefully have more time :-)