Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Angel's Harp Dec 24 @ 9 am SLT

The Angel's Harp
December 24, 9 am SECOND LIFE TIME
Innovation InfoIsland

Christmas harp that is more than "just the twinkley bits" as this virtuoso of the instrument shows us!

Mihangel (Angel) is proud to be one of the rare breed of harpist who happen to be male!

Living in Wales and working across the globe, he is an accomplished performer, who has played since he was five years old, plays both the Welsh lever and orchestral harp, he has worked hard to show the breadth of his instrument.

Playing a fairly wide repetoire - from traditional Welsh folk music, pure classical pieces by Debussey et al to the more complicated works to Karl Davies and Salzedo, Angel has performed in many of the worlds larger venues - Millenium Centre,Cardiff; Royal Albert Hall, London; Sydney Opera House, Sydney to name but a few.

Angel has recorded with several orchestras and ensembles and hopes to release a solo album of his work soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Schumann Duo Dec 23 @ 2pm SLT

The Schumann Duo reprises their annual holiday concert as the special guests of Music Island. Kahuna Schumann will use every member of the oboe family during this warm and educational family concert.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Solstice Celebration Dec. 22 @ 6:30 pm SLT

The celebration of the returning light is older than Christianity and more universal than western culture. AldoManutio Abruzzo has a way of blending the latest in electronic wizardry with his roots in early music and his Buddhist meditative experience. The results are unique and transformative.

Join us

Friday, December 18, 2009

Duo Appassionato, The Four Seasons Dec. 19 @ 12 pm SLT

The Duo began playing one concerto from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", at the peak of each season during 2009, starting with "Winter" on New Years Day 2009. Now as the year draws to a close, suspense has grown throughout all of SL... we will finally be able to hear the full work. What a fitting way to finish up the musical year in Second Life! The name of the duo says it all about the passionate love of music that is apparent in their performances. Join us on beautiful Music Island for a great afternoon concert.

Because of the high interest in this program, there have been several concerts scheduled throughout SL, giving audiences a choice of dates, times and settings.

This concert on Music Island will be one of the last opportunities to join in this memorable moment in SL musical history. Music Island is where Duo Appassionato first performed in SL about 18 months ago. Their long association with the series has shaped events, raised the bar for classical performances in Second Life and continued a tradition of informative, approachable presentation of music in an inclusive atmosphere.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THURSDAY DECEMBER 17 @ 12 PM The Last Storm

Multimedia Experience "Storm in a Teacup" with Christine Montgomery and R0bin Helsinki bids adieu to the Music Island audience with one last opportunity to experience the work with the composer and photographer as guides.

First launched in June, several hundred avatars cycled through the journey and many more have viewed the video online. By popular demand the composer and photographer will be hosting one last opportunity to experience the work in its entirety before it is retired.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Students of Thom Dowd to play, 8 a.m. pst Sunday 13 December 2009

(reposted with permission from Thom Dowd's Renaissance and Baroque Recorders)

All of our favorite Christmas songs played by a group of young musicians. Please come and share this special moment with us at Music Island in Secondlife. Concert begins 8 a.m. pst, 11 a.m. est.

AUDIO STREAM to put in Quicktime or Itunes is

Amelie Wantz, Olivia Tettü, Fabienne Baumann and Jonas Fragniere

  • Es flog ein Täublein weisse Geistliches Volkslied um 1602

  • Es ist ein Ros entsprungen Köln 1599

  • In dulci jubilo Wittenberg 1529

  • Lieb Nachtigall, wach aus Bamberger Gesangbuch um 1670

  • Lobe den Herrn Joachim Neander; Stralsund 1665

  • The Holly and the Ivy England

  • Campana sobre Campana Spanien

  • We wish you a Merry Christmas USA

  • Whence, o Shepherd Maiden Kanada

  • Il est né le devin enfant Frankreich

  • Ein Kindelein so löblich Finnland

  • Noël chantons ici Frankreich, 15. Jh.

  • Fum, Fum, Fum, Spanien, Katalonien)

  • Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord Jester Hairstone / Frank Farian / Fred Jay

  • Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree John Marks

  • Mistletoe And Wine Leslie Stewart / Jeremy Paul, Keith Strachan

  • Winter Wonderland Dick Smith / Felix Bernard)

  • Stille Nacht Joseph Mohr, Franz Xaver Gruber

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cindy Esksol, December 12 @ 12 pm Second Life Time

Cindy is cooking up an old time Christmas kitchen party with songs, autoharp and fiddle, so get out your spoons and clogging shoes and join in.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Line-up at Music Island


THURSDAY DEC 10 @ 4:30 pm
THE FOUR SEASONS @ Virtually Speaking

The Duo began playing one concerto from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", at the peak of each season during 2009, starting with "Winter" on New Years Day 2009. Now as the year draws to a close, suspense has grown throughout all of SL... we will finally be able to hear the full work in a series of concerts in all major SL classical venues during December.

Cindy Ecksol, traditional song, fiddle and autoharp
Christmas roots music that will warm you to your soul. Cindy Ecksol has been making and teaching music with voice, autoharp, fiddle and a variety of other instruments for as long as she can remember. She is particularly interested in traditional music of many varieties, and her repertoire includes everything from Irish tunes and Israeli dance music played on autoharp to dark Appalachian fiddle tunes from the mountains of West Virginia. But her playful side can't resist amusing modern songs about real life, which somehow co-exist with folk songs from long ago. A concert set from Cindy is always a collection of eclectic surprises bound together by a common theme that suits the occasion.

Music Island
"Music or Die Flute" Ensemble
Students of Thom Dowd from the Fribourg Conservatory, Switzerland combine forces in a mighty flute ensemble whose name says it all. Another "Flutes on Fire" concert!

Sunday Dec 13 @ 12 pm
Mihangel Thespian, harp
The Angel's Harp
"Music Island, Sea Turtle Island

Golden tones of celtic and orchestral harp in the hands of a master of the instrument.

DECEMBER 15 TO 23 SOLSTICE FESTIVAL (Mainstage Concerts as below)

LUDWIG'S Seasons (Photography Opening)
Cedar Island and Music Island
Photographer, Ludwig Veliz captures small perfect moments in nature. He has selected a very few photos for each of the Four Seasons in harmony with the Solstice festival.

Duo Appassionato
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island
The Duo began playing one concerto from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", at the peak of each season during 2009, starting with "Winter" on New Years Day 2009. Now as the year draws to a close, suspense has grown throughout all of SL... we will finally be able to hear the full work in a series of concerts in all major SL classical venues during December

Naftali Torok, fiddle
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island
European folk traditions celebrating the seasons of earth.

also a POSSIBLE LIVE CONCERT by NAFTALI'S Balkan Folk group Dec. 29 (stay tuned)

Benito Flores, piano
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island
Classical and devotional works from one of SL's most accomplished classical pianists.

AldoManutio Abruzzo
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island
Mysterious and magical preparations are afoot. Prepare to be inspired and surprised. New Age ambient music and multimedia art.


Schumann Duo
Holiday at home with the Schumanns
Music Island, Sea Turtle Island
Seasonal oboe and piano program from the esteemed duo, who also host their own wonderful series at Amadora concert hall.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Zachh Cale, "Gather 'round the piano" Saturday December 5 @ 12 pm SLT

Zachh Cale, piano
Saturday December 5
12 pm SECOND LIFE TIME (Pacific Time)

Music Island, Sea Turtle Island

What is the holidays without music?

Time was that people would gather 'round the piano and enjoy holiday music and good cheer. The wonderful thing about Second Life is the way that people from around the world are creating their own entertainment and gathering together virtually re-discovering simple pleasures. So turn off the TV and gather 'round the piano with Zachh and the Music Island audience this Saturday.

Thoughts on Second Life Groups

There is no better way to advertise events in Second Life than through SL groups but damn it, Linden Labs limits us to just 25 groups. Given that we need a few groups likely to manage land permissions for our homes, stores and group projects, that leaves very few slots open for keeping up with groups that interest us.

I understand the arguments for limiting groups. With groups being capable of determining land permissions, each group spot adds to the potentional information that Second Life needs to process to determine who can rez objects or build in certain parcels. Adding groups would mean fewer avatars could be accommodated on a server.

But who says there has to only be one kind of group? Couldn't Linden Labs create a newsgroup category that was only for notices? This is just a thought. A lot of us are resorting to mail services like Subscribe-o-matic that potentially cost us money in order to to reach people interested in keeping up to date on our products or events but who lack the group slots to join. This means sending out messages to two lists, group members and list members. It is not only a waste of our time in broadcasting but it is another list to check when you are inviting members to your group. Are they already members? Have they joined the Subscribe list? One doesn't want to spam people with group invites who have already signed up to a list.

This week I had three things happen that made me think about groups: how we invite group members, how we use groups, what is fair to ask group owners to broadcast through their groups.

I have a greeter at Music Island and periodically, usually after concerts, I review the list of visitors and send group invitations to individuals who have visited the island in the past few days. I try not to send people already in the group or on the subscribe list by cross-referencing. This work takes me a couple of hours each week but has help me build and maintain a group of about 1400 SL residents (all of whom have logged on in the past year as I clear the group of inactive accounts monthly). About 10% of the people I send invitations to accept the invite and each week a few people leave the group, presumably because other things interest them more and they are up against the 25 group limit. Only by constant work does the group grow. Passive group joiners yield very few group members in my experience.

For the first time in more than a year of sending group invitations I had someone complain about my invitation. The lady, Aliciea Mistwood, first accused me of "spamming her techno club" assuming I was in her club and sending out invites to all in attendance there. When I expressed puzzlement and said that I was sending invites to people who had been at the venue during a weekend of concerts she remembered that she had visited to "check out" Music Island and the series offerings. She still felt that sending her an invite was inappropriate and said that she must have been "tagged" in some way. I failed to understand her usage of the term "tagged" in reference to a simple greeter script that is in use throughout SL by venues and merchants alike.

To me an invitation is a pleasant offering even when one declines. It is nothing that should cause hostility or upset but in this case I had a very angry person. I wonder if others feel that way about group invites?

The other two thought-provoking incidents involved people whom I know and like asking me to publicize something on the Music Island group that had nothing to do with the purpose of the group. In the first case I was asked to promote a day long benefit event featuring popular/rock performers at another venue not associated with Music Island. In fact one of the concerts was in conflict to a Music Island concert. When I explained that the group was generally only for concerts at Music Island or affiliated with Music Island (festivals and series offered collaboratively) the individual argued from the standpoint of the worthiness of the cause. There are many worthy causes in Second Life and I wish them all well but they need to be promoted to audiences that will be interested in the event. Later the same week I was asked to send out notice about a US only political announcement to be made in Second Life. The Music Island audience is not US based and is not organized to discuss political initiatives.

I think that members of the Music Island group appreciate that they will only receive notices about classical and art music events coordinated as part of that series with our particular stamp of inclusiveness. I believe that if I bowed to pressure to publicize anything and everything that came my way, it would become a group without focus first and a group without members second.

I welcome thoughts on this as I am trying to frame a policy for the Music Island group that assures a good-sized audience for musicians performing on the series without harassing people to join. I also want our series to be open to cross-promotions and collaborations with colleagues while not annoying group members with totally irrelevant postings.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Five Centuries of the Classical Guitar Dec. 3 @ 1 pm SLT

Fingersatz Barbosa
1 pm SLT
From Bach to Django Rheinhardt and samplings from the centuries between performed by a modern virtuoso of the frets.