Friday, June 26, 2009

"Storm in a Teacup" video available online

Great new machinama of the Storm in a Tea Cup multimedia experience has been filmed and edited by artist, Christine Montgomery. This is what SL art is supposed to be all about.

  1. Collaborative: Original music composed by Christine Montgomery collaborating with Photographer R0bin Helsinki
  2. 3-Dimensional: Constructed environment built from Second Life prims (primitive shapes)
  3. Fluid: Avatars moved through the space. Two experiences were not the same.
  4. Immersive: Comments about feeling sea-sick, or startled by sounds and motion were indicators that participants were fully involved.
  5. Interactive: Avatars board a vehicle, move through space, and interact with the environment
  6. Social: Best shared in a group of people, the various impressions of the art, inner thoughts were shared by all groups that participated in the experience.
  7. Not possible in real life: Aspects of this work were totally impossible to duplicate in real life.

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