Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Two Duos Friday June 19 4 pm

On Friday June 19th at 4pm SLT 2 duos of RL classical musicians who have regularly been playing in SL as duos will be performing together in RL as a quartet. The quartet is piano, oboe doubling saw, violin, and violin doubling viola. The concert will be streamed live into SL and the quartet (Sisi Schumann, Kahuna Schumann, Young Zeid, and Izabela Jawowerer) thought it would be a fine idea to stream the concert into as many sims as are interested, making the event a simulcast. 21 sims will be involved. Music Island, where many concerts by both duos have been presented will be one of the participating sims.

Recently, the 2 Duos' benefit recital for the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra was a huge success. They helped raise nearly $2000 and the reviews were enthusiastic!

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