Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Angel's Harp Dec 24 @ 9 am SLT

The Angel's Harp
December 24, 9 am SECOND LIFE TIME
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Christmas harp that is more than "just the twinkley bits" as this virtuoso of the instrument shows us!

Mihangel (Angel) is proud to be one of the rare breed of harpist who happen to be male!

Living in Wales and working across the globe, he is an accomplished performer, who has played since he was five years old, plays both the Welsh lever and orchestral harp, he has worked hard to show the breadth of his instrument.

Playing a fairly wide repetoire - from traditional Welsh folk music, pure classical pieces by Debussey et al to the more complicated works to Karl Davies and Salzedo, Angel has performed in many of the worlds larger venues - Millenium Centre,Cardiff; Royal Albert Hall, London; Sydney Opera House, Sydney to name but a few.

Angel has recorded with several orchestras and ensembles and hopes to release a solo album of his work soon.

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